Команда GnuPG объявляет о выпуске новой версии

отредактировано December 2019 Раздел: Шифрование и контейнеры

текущая версия: GnuPG 2.2.19

About GnuPG:

The GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) is a complete and free implementation
of the OpenPGP standard which is commonly abbreviated as PGP.

GnuPG allows to encrypt and sign data and communication, features a
versatile key management system as well as access modules for public key
directories. GnuPG itself is a command line tool with features for easy
integration with other applications. A wealth of frontend applications
and libraries making use of GnuPG are available. As an Universal Crypto
Engine GnuPG provides support for S/MIME and Secure Shell in addition to

GnuPG is Free Software (meaning that it respects your freedom). It can
be freely used, modified and distributed under the terms of the GNU
General Public License.
Noteworthy changes in version 2.2.19 (2019-12-07)

* gpg: Fix double free when decrypting for hidden recipients.
Regression in 2.2.18. [#4762].

* gpg: Use auto-key-locate for encryption even for mail addressed
given with angle brackets. [#4726]

* gpgsm: Add special case for certain expired intermediate
certificates. [#4696]

See-also: gnupg-announce/2019q4/000443.html

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