bootice (Boot sector manipulation Utility)

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image Bug fixes and improvements

◆ 2013.9.16 v1.1.4
1. Fixed the "unknown boot device" bug when deleting a boot entry of some BCD files !
2. Added a "Backup BCD" button to backup current BCD as another BCD file.
3. After formatting a partition as NTFS, the default access permissions get correct, while old versions (1.06~1.13) handle this incorrectly.
4. Added a parameter "/set_id=XX" to modify the partition ID.
5. Other optimizations.

◆ 2013.9.8 v1.1.3
1. Fixed some typos on English UI. Thank Safety1st for reporting !
2. Added a switch in Grub4Dos menu editor for embedding non-ASCII chars patterns or not.
3. Fixed the donation links.

◆ 2013.9.5 v1.1.2:
1. x64 version released;
2. Fixed the "RegOpenKeyEx failed" bug when editing BCD;
3. Fixed a bug that causes error when editing a BCD WIM boot entry with a non-existing ramdisk option;
4. Grub4Dos menu editor font changed back to old style.

◆ 2013.8.28 v1.1.1:
1. SDI file can be specified for wim boot entry in BCD edit function;
2. System language can be selected from a combobox now in BCD function;
3. Upgraded syslinux core to v4.07/5.10.

◆ 2013.8.10 v1.1.0 fixed:
1. Fix a bug that causes bad partition table after formatting a logical partition.

◆ 2013.8.9 v1.1.0:
1. New feature: Winhex-style template dialog. It's used to view/edit the MBR, GPT header/entries, PBR(FAT16,FAT32,NTFS,EXFAT);
2. Fixed a bug that causes the incorrect value of "safe mode" of BCD item;
3. Upgraded syslinux to 4.06/5.10, and, the location of LDLINUX.SYS can be specified now;
4. FreeDos boot sector was added to PBR function;
5. Fixed a bug: after formatting a partition, the disk drive in Windows explorer remains unchanged;
6. Added /diskinfo parameter, used to dump disk information. Use /file=xx to specify the output file, or a message box will displayed;

◆ 2013.5.17 v1.0.6:
1. Added two parameters: /assign_letter, /delete_letter, used to assign or delete drive letter for the specified partition. Use /assign_letter=X to specify a letter or /assign_letter to specifiy the first available letter;
2. Support menu edit for the newest GRUB4DOS v0.46a with USB 2.0 driver;
3. Fixed a command line bug, which parses the partition number incorrectly;

◆ 2013.4.10 v1.0.5:
1. Fixed a bug that caused incorrect BCD device when using GPT disk;
2. New feature: when format a partition as FAT16/FAT32/ExFat file system, the reserved sectors can be customized now;
3. When re-partitioning a disk into multi-partitions, both MBR and GPT scheme are supported now;
4. BOOTICE supports partition internal structure optimization now. So, the reserved sectors, FAT table, and other structures of FAT16/FAT32/ExFat can be 4K-aligned, which brings performance increcement on SSD or 4K-sector hard disks.

◆ 2013.3.3 v1.0.4:
1. Fixed a bug, which caused the BCD device became BOOT/LOCATE even the first partition was selected.

◆ 2013.2.9 v1.0.3:
1. Upgraded SYSLINUX to version 5.01, and v4.06 was also supported;
2. Upgraded GRUB4DOS 0.46a to the version released on 2013-02-02;
3. Added a toolbar in GRUB4DOS menu editor window;
4. Added a new parameter "/nodriveletters". When this parameter is specified, BOOTICE will not detect any drive letters.
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