Invisible Secrets 4

отредактировано April 2016 Раздел: Шифрование и контейнеры
imageInvisible Secrets 4 не только шифрует ваши данные и файлы для безопасного хранения или для безопасной передачи по сети, но и скрывает их в таких объектах как изображения или звуковые файлы или веб-страниц.
Invisible Secrets

File and folder encryption using 8 strong encryption algorithms (AES - Rijndael, Twofish, RC 4, Cast128, GOST, Diamond 2, Sapphire II, Blowfish).

Hides your sensitive data into innocent files, so nobody can find them. Features five innocent carriers for hiding: JPEG, PNG, BMP, HTML and WAV.

Email Encryption
Possibility to create a package with encrypted content and to send it by e-mail.

Password manager - Random password generator
With Invisible Secrets 4 you can store passwords in encrypted password lists and you can also generate real-random passwords.

File Shredder
An integrated Shredder (DoD 5220.22-M compliant) to destroy files and folders beyond recovery.

Application Locker
An Application Locker to password protect any application installed on your computer.

IP-to-IP Password Transfer
Allows the secure transfer of passwords between two computers using an encrypted internet line.

Virtual Keyboard
The virtual keyboard was created in order to prevent any key logger software from stealing your passwords.

A Shell Integrated Cryptboard - use it like a basket for storing file names and make various operations on them in a single step.

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